Weekday Schedule

12:00am             Music  
12:30am              Apply Within (Bob Davis)
1:00am                Speak the Truth (Troy Drake)
1:30am                The Word for Today (Chuck Smith)
2:00am                According to Scriptures (Damien Kyle)
2:30am                Abounding Grace (Ed Taylor)
3:00am                Bridging the Gap (Lloyd Pulley)
3:30am                Jesus is Real (Daniel Fusco)
4:00am                Truth for Life (Alistair Begg)
4:30am                The Carpenter's Son (Vince Lombardo)

5:00am                Real Life (Jack Hibbs)
5:30am                Enduring Word (David Guzik)
6:00am                The Way, the Life and the Truth (Matt Fox)
6:30am                Chapter and Verse (Mike Macintosh)
7:00am                The Connection (Skip Heizig)
7:30am                The Word in Focus (Ron Brav)
8:00am                Speak the Truth (Troy Drake)
8:30am                The Word for Today (Chuck Smith)
9:00am                Practical Christian Living (Robert Furrow)
9:30am                Searchlight (Jon Courson)
10:00am             Abounding Grace (Ed Taylor)
10:30am             Bridging the Gap (Lloyd Pulley)
11:00am             Balanced Word (Dave Rolph)
11:30am             Back to Basics (Brian Brodersen)
12:00pm             Sound Truth (Malcolm Wild)
12:30pm             Truth for Life (Alistair Begg)
1:00pm                Straight from the Heart (Joe Focht)
1:30pm                Sure Foundation (David Rosales)
2:00pm                Jesus is Real (Daniel Fusco)
2:30pm                Daily Walk (John Randall)
3:00pm                According to the Scriptures (Damien Kyle)
3:30pm                Viewpoint on Mormonism (Bill McKeever)
3:45pm                Hold Fast Radio (Marty Sondermann)
4:00pm                Calvary Live Call-in Show
4:30pm                Calvary Live Call-in Show
5:00pm                Speak the Truth (Troy Drake)
5:30pm                The Word for Today (Chuck Smith)
6:00pm                GodSword (Ken Graves)
6:30pm                On the Level (Pancho Juarez)
7:00pm                Refuge Radio (Bill Welsh)
7:30pm                Thru the Bible (Dr. J Vernon McGee)
8:00pm                Growing Through Grace (Jack Abeelen)
8:30pm                Changed by Love (Jim Keavney)
9:00pm                Somebody Loves You (Raul Ries)
9:30pm                Apply the Word (Ty Orr)
10:00pm             Sandy Adams Radio (Sandy Adams)
10:30pm             As We Gather (Bill Stonebraker)
11:00pm            Crosswalk (Steve Whinery)
11:30pm             Music

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