Sunday Schedule

8:00am              Voice of the Martyrs (Todd Nettleton)
8:30am              Truth for Life (Alistair Begg)

9:00am              20 The Countdown Magazine Music

11:00am              Calvary Chapel Meridian Sunday Service (Troy Drake)

2:00pm              Unapologetic with Julia Jeffress Sadler
2:30pm              On the Level (Pancho Juarez)

3:00pm              Institute for Creation Research
3:30pm              Changed by Love (Jim Keavney)

4:00pm              Thru the Bible (J. Vernon McGee)

5:00pm              Speak the Truth (Troy Drake)
5:30pm              A Word for the Church (Scott Parker)

6:00pm              Because I Said So (Dr. John Rosemond)  
6:60pm              Somebody Loves You (Raul Ries)

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